Author - Jason Siddall

Why Mechanics Should be Using Nitrile Gloves

Mechanics nitrile gloves are nothing short of a life-changing experience for the new and veteran fellows of the auto detailing fraternity. A day in the life of a mechanic is not kind on his hands. They’re necessarily in constant contact with loads of oil, grease and grime. They make every attempt to clean up before going home with heavy-duty soaps and cleaners that are likewise not kind to the epidermis. Even after all that, the tell-tale blackened cuticles that nothing...

Why Choose Nitrile Gloves in the Food Industry?

Tested non-toxic in all three industry critical tests, nitrile gloves for the food industry are becoming indispensable. The FDA has given its nod of approval to these premium grade synthetic polymer products. Employees dealing with food are more likely to don a pair of sexy-looking gloves that make them look proficient instead of clumsy. The compulsory wearing of gloves in the food industry has always made sense. But spare a thought for those who suffer allergic reactions to latex. Reactions...

What Are Black Nitrile Gloves and Why Are They So Popular?

The designers and manufacturers of black nitrile gloves knew their stuff! Why do we say that? Simply because this smart product is 100% fit for purpose and is gaining popularity as a strong, high-quality item in several industries. Where would we find black nitrile gloves in use? Why are they so popular? What makes them different from a simple latex or vinyl glove? Let’s explore this a little further and discover why nitrile is such a popular option. Nitrile Gloves – What Are They? Nitrile...
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