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What are Grippaz?

Grippaz is a range of semi-disposable gloves which have revolutionised working and medical gloves used around the world. In most applications, they can be used for a whole day or shift if required.

Grippaz gloves are made with specialised formulations of NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber). ‘The innovative aspect of the product, is that a fish scale grip pattern is debossed onto the outside surfaces of the gloves, which are ambidextrous. The exterior grip pattern provides purchase against the object being held.

The grip pattern is also embossed onto the inside of the gloves which helps to prevent slippage against the skin and also reduces sweating.

The gloves are designed to fit snugly to the hand for maximum dexterity, however the nitrile compound relaxes as it warms in contact with the wearers’ skin and conforms to the shape of the hand providing a secure but comfortable fit. The end result is that when wearing Grippaz, whether holding a dry or wet object, less force is required with either a full hand grip or pinch grip. Secure purchase is achieved with less hand fatigue. The gloves also provide an excellent barrier against many chemicals, blood borne pathogens and viruses.

The Number 1 Choice

  • Patented non slip grip reduces hand fatigue.
  • The nitrile compound in Grippaz 306/308 resists animal fats.
  • It also prevents transmission of viruses to foods and infections to wearers.
  • Unbelievably economic cost in use even against disposable nitrile gloves.
  • No more broken gloves or pieces of gloves contaminating food.
  • Extra dexterity increases wearer output compared with traditional household gloves.

Why Grippaz Gloves outperform all other gloves in their class…

  • Protects against chemicals
  • Proven barrier to viruses
  • Suitable for all food types
  • Can be worn over liners
  • Suberb Grip with Oil and Fatty Foods
  • Powder Free
  • 100% Nitrile, Silicone free
  • Patented fish-scale pattern for an enhanced precision grip
  • Moulds to hand for the best fit
  • Touch screen friendly
  • Tough and durable
  • Ambidextrous

Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL
Packed size: 21.5cm x 12cm x 7cm
48 Nitrile Gloves per Bag


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In grip tests conducted by SATRA, the UK's leading testing house for PPE products, Grippaz gloves out performed all comers, including market leading brands for grip performance.

Tests were against motor oil and detergent/water.

Internal Traction Support

The embossed internal grip pattern is do instant and effective that it significantly reduces hand fatigue

Silicone Free

Gloves are produced in a silicone free factory making it ideal for all bodyshop tasks.

Re-Enforced Strength

The fish scale pattern helps keep the glove intact by preventing tear when stretched. Making it tougher and more durable.

Thumb Grip

Unlike Grippaz gloves, no other glove of its kind has a grip pattern embossed onto the thumb which gives it unique finger and thumb grip.

Extra Tough Lasts Longer

The Grippaz gloves comes in different options ranging from 4.5Mil to 8Mil making it last up to 5 times longer than disposable gloves.

Touch Screen Friendly

Works flawlessly when operating diagnostic software on any smartphone or tablet.

Worldwide Patented Grip

Proven better grip against grease and oil than any other in its class with patents in 44 countries. (Tests independently conducted by SATRA)

Chemical Resistant

100% soft stretch nitrile that moulds to your hand. Protects against chemicals including brake and clutch fluids.

Suction Support with Wet Grip

The fish scale pattern when pressed to a wet surface helps secure a firm grip similar to a suction cup.

Sweat-Less Technology

Unique internal embossing channels sweat and allows air to circulate and the skin to breath.

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Grippaz Blue Nitrile Gloves – 8MIL – 48 Per Box 2

Glove Sizing Guide

To ensure your gloves have the best fit and feel, we’ve created this handy sizing guide. Please keep in mind that gloves are like shoes: there are general sizes, but various styles will fit differently.

Glove materials, thickness, elasticity, and texture are a few factors that can make one style of glove fit snugger or looser than another.


Palm Measurement

Find your glove size by measuring your hand using the guide below

Nitrile Glove Size Guide

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