Why Choose Nitrile Gloves in the Food Industry?

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Why Choose Nitrile Gloves in the Food Industry

Why Choose Nitrile Gloves in the Food Industry?

Tested non-toxic in all three industry critical tests, nitrile gloves for the food industry are becoming indispensable. The FDA has given its nod of approval to these premium grade synthetic polymer products. Employees dealing with food are more likely to don a pair of sexy-looking gloves that make them look proficient instead of clumsy.

The compulsory wearing of gloves in the food industry has always made sense. But spare a thought for those who suffer allergic reactions to latex. Reactions range anywhere from a mild itch to anaphylaxis and a call for an emergency ambulance. Enter the state-of-the-art tech that brought nitrile gloves to the food industry. Now, people the world over are more readily ‘glove-compliant’.

Because the blue and purple variety are most associated with surgeons and dentists, black has been the top favourite for the food industry. As Chef Alex Stupak put it “Honestly, I got them because I think they look badass.” Understandably these nitrile gloves are also ever camera-ready and in a world crazy about cooking shows and competitions, black is beautiful. For bartenders who are required to ‘glove-up’ to drop citrus twists and olives into drinks, a sleek black pair adds to the flair.

Many in the food industry handle food right in front of their customers. Sporting a pair of fine black nitrile gloves puts everyone at ease. Whether someone is lifting slices of cold meat from a pre-cut stack to weigh for your purchase, or a guy doing the braai at home is slicing the steak, everything goes better with a ‘pair of the best’ nitrile gloves.

What Makes Food Industry Nitrile Gloves Different?

When all is said and done, nitrile gloves prove how far industry has come in manufacturing something as close to a second-skin as possible. Here follow some of its stellar qualities:

  • Thickness options; while there are other thicknesses, the 3 and 4mil options seem to satisfy applications for the use of nitrile gloves in the food industry.
  • Size options; none of the ‘one-size-has-to-do’ is tolerated. From S to XL, all the human hand-size considerations are covered.
  • Natural Feel; formulated to feel like latex, food industry nitrile gloves facilitate a full range of motion, which removes much of the nuisance factor of wearing gloves.
  • Ultra-soft; next-generation gloves are super-soft providing elasticity and dexterity which reduces hand fatigue.
  • Tensile strength; referencing tear and puncture resistance, nitrile is a no-brainer for dealing with food.
  • Latex-free; latex rubber is a no-no for Type 1 allergy sufferers. Nitrile gloves have saved the day for those who have struggled with latex.
  • Powder-free; without powder but still easy to put on and take off, the food industry nitrile gloves afford ease of use without problematic powder getting into food.
  • Accelerator-free; even nitrile gloves originally used sulphur-based accelerators in their manufacture. When that was found to cause allergies, it was dropped totally and there are now accelerator-free nitrile gloves available.

Nitrile Meets the Challenge of the Demanding Food Industry

So much of our food passes through many hands before it is served to us either at the supermarket or a restaurant. Paramount is minimising the spread of germs. The typical hand is known to contain millions of bacteria. The staph and strep variety being harmful to humans are also the most common. Nitrile gloves used in the food industry can and do prevent most of those bacteria from being transmitted. Handling cut fresh food that goes to the customer or slicing up piles of cold meats ought never to happen without protective gloves.

Braai-masters who often slice their piping hot, flame-charred menu items value gloved protection. Sushi chefs particularly appreciate the snug-fit and dexterity afforded by nitrile gloves. Puncture and knife-edge resistant – to a greater degree than any other variety, sushi craftsmen style it in snazzy, black hand-wear.

There is a veritable cult of black nitrile-gloved food industry chefs, pit-masters and food gurus developing everywhere. Chosen for their strength, snug fit, textured fingertips, and puncture resistance, it looks like these gloves are here to stay. Next time you invite guests or family over for a traditional braai, do it in style with your pair of black nitrile gloves.


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