Why Mechanics Should be Using Nitrile Gloves

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Why Mechanics Should be Using Nitrile Gloves

Why Mechanics Should be Using Nitrile Gloves

Mechanics nitrile gloves are nothing short of a life-changing experience for the new and veteran fellows of the auto detailing fraternity.

A day in the life of a mechanic is not kind on his hands. They’re necessarily in constant contact with loads of oil, grease and grime. They make every attempt to clean up before going home with heavy-duty soaps and cleaners that are likewise not kind to the epidermis. Even after all that, the tell-tale blackened cuticles that nothing seems to get rid of announces the profession of the owner loud and clear. For mechanics, nitrile gloves are the solution.

The profession has become increasingly specialized in the 21st Century. That hasn’t changed the hazards of hand injuries. In years gone by, mechanics resisted gloves because they so often need to feel for things rather than see them. They need to grip and manoeuvre things in tight spots and awkward places. Mechanic nitrile gloves are nothing short of miraculous for the world of auto repair and servicing.

3 Main Benefits of Nitrile Gloves for Mechanics

For anyone whose hands are essentially the tools of their trade, protecting them has to take priority to a new level. Nitrile gloves are meeting the brief and then some. Let’s look at just three ways in which nitrile gloves get the green light from mechanics the world over.

Puncture & Chemical Resistance

Hand tools are still earmarks of the auto mechanic.  44% of hand injuries are due to puncturing, cuts and lacerations. A mechanic sporting nitrile gloves saves himself countless potential injuries on a daily basis. That’s not all either; the technology used in the manufacture of mechanics’ nitrile gloves facilitate the perfect combination of tactile sensitivity and puncture resistance. Vinyl gloves are said to offer ‘poor’ puncture resistance, latex upgrades that to ‘good’ whereas the mechanic’s nitrile gloves score as ‘excellent’ on that score.

More chemical resistant than others in the disposable glove department makes nitrile gloves a mechanics best friend. The chemicals and solutions in this industry are hazardous and toxic. The skin is super absorbent so, protecting our hands is no light matter. On the chemical resistance rating for mechanics nitrile gloves with regard to gasoline, it is latex that comes in at ‘poor’, vinyl takes itself up a notch to ‘fair’ and once again, nitrile gloves retain their ‘excellent’ status.

Strength, Durability & Flexibility

This vital trinity of recommendable benefits puts nitrile gloves in a class of their own. Before their advent, mechanics tried other disposable glove varieties and disposed of them so fast that they constantly drained company stock levels. What other gloves can one slip on effortlessly even with wet hands? It’s true! Some mechanics nitrile gloves have double chlorination treatment which makes it possible to don a pair without having to dry your hands.

The thing that mechanics value in nitrile gloves is that they mould to individual hand shapes, which facilitate that second-skin quality. This aspect happens also to reduce hand fatigue like no other gloves can boast.  Besides that, they have a reduced level of friction so they can be worn longer than other varieties.  If there is heavier work to be done, it’s nothing to slip a pair of heavier duty gloves over a pair of mechanics nitrile gloves, which serves to ‘waterproof’ your hands in a situation where the external pair may be tough but not water-resistant.


Boasting a longer shelf life than other disposable glove varieties, a mechanics nitrile glove supply can be bought on special without worrying they’ll pass their ‘sell-by’ date. Being man-made contributes to keeping the prices stable. Natural rubber is affected by the weather so in Monsoon season, because the rubber can’t be harvested, the prices skyrocket.

Where to buy Nitrile Gloves in South Africa

SA is now placed among other leading countries, supplying mechanics with nitrile gloves. It is possible to find supplies on gumtree and some Dischem and Clicks stores sell a small range. For lighter industries, such as hairdressing, where fashion-conscious professionals prefer bright pink, yellow or purple those suppliers are indeed an option. For the self-respecting mechanic, black is where the magic is and you have better options to buy nitrile gloves in bulk.

The good news is that mechanic nitrile gloves are biodegradable, although they do take a tad longer than their latex cousins to do so. We can’t leave without remembering to tell you that a beaded cuff adds to the ease of donning and doffing and that they are also ambidextrous – fitting either left or right hand. That adds to their usefulness more than most realize.


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